Why Meaford Business Park

Meaford Business Park (MBP) is a 43 hectare (106 acre) brownfield site, 34 hectare (85 acre) of which has extant planning permission for industrial/warehouse units and offices. It is owned by St. Modwen. View information about Meaford Business Park.

The Meaford Energy Centre (MEC) will act as a catalyst to progress the development of MBP. A gas-fired power station on MBP would make the location more attractive to manufacturing, hi-tech industries and logistics occupiers, all of which would benefit from being located in close proximity to a secure supply of power together with the potential opportunity to take surplus heat generated by the proposed MEC which will help reduce their carbon footprint.

MEL selected MBP as a location for a gas-fired power station as it is:

  • Ready to be developed
  • The former location of the coal-fired Meaford A & B Power Stations
  • Served by existing electricity distribution infrastructure
  • Located a short distance from a local gas pipeline that can supply fuel
  • Set away from Stone and surrounding villages
  • Well screened by trees and mature plants.

Current views of MBP - Click to enlarge

Current views of MBP - Click to enlarge

A gas-fired power station

MBP is located on what used to be the site of two coal-fired power stations – Meaford A and Meaford B.

There is a considerable difference between a modern gas-fired power station and an older conventional coal power station.

Former Meaford A & B Power Stations were:

  • Physically much larger than the proposed Meaford Energy Centre
  • Used coal to generate energy
  • Required five tall and broad cooling towers each 76m high together with a brick chimney 124m high
  • Required fuel to be delivered by road and rail.

Images of the former Meaford Power Station

Proposed Meaford Energy Centre will:

  • Be physically much smaller than either Meaford A & B Power Stations – there will be no cooling towers and the tallest structure will be 50m high
  • Have a generating capacity of up to 299MWe
  • Directly source gas by a pipeline connected to the local gas system.