The Connections

The connections: sourcing fuel, supplying power

To obtain the gas and to supply electricity to homes and businesses, gas-fired power station need to be connected to gas and electricity networks. The MBP is well located for both.

The Gas Connection

MEC will need to connect to the gas network via a new gas connection. This would provide the fuel it requires to generate electricity.

We have carefully considered the design of the gas connection and the feedback submitted as part of the public consultation process and developed a preferred design.

Illustrative Gas Connection and AGI Layout Plan - click to enlarge

The gas connection plan details are outlined below:

Meaford Business Park is located approximately 50m from existing gas pipelines. The Meaford Energy Centre will be connected to this existing pipeline by a new gas pipeline. This new pipeline will be approximately 900 meters in length and will be mainly underground and only overground when it crosses the Trent and Mersey Canal and the West Coast Main Line, using the two existing bridges.

The proposed pipeline would connect to the existing gas pipeline at a new Above Ground Installation (AGI). AGI’s are compounds that serve as accessible points to the gas network and are often located at pipeline junctions for maintenance reasons.

Illustrative Gas Connection Pipeline Layout - click to enlarge

The Electrical Connection

To supply the power generated by the Meaford Energy Centre to homes and businesses, an electrical connection to the local electricity distribution network is required.

As it is the former site of the Meaford A & B Power stations, the existing Barlaston substation is located on the Meaford Business Park.  This substation was used for the export of electricity from the previous on site generation. This substation is owned and operated by Western Power Distribution (WPD).

We propose to connect the MEC to the Barlaston substation using underground cables, which means no new pylons are required to provide the electrical connection.

An existing electrical substation at MBP - click to enlarge